About Us


Technology applied to finance is simplifying lives of hundreds of thousands of families and companies. In our hyper-connected world, big tech players such as Google and Amazon provided customers with easy to use digital services. The same flawless customer experience that consumers now expect from financial services. In Italy, the financial sector is rapidly transforming, and innovative financial solutions have been available for many years. Fintech in Italy is today able to provide mature, simple, transparent and efficient solutions.



ItaliaFintech brings together the main vertical players operating In Italy, with the common goal of facilitating the access of companies and individuals to Fintech services, simplifying their understanding and user experience. ItaliaFintech also actively collaborates to foster dialogue with traditional institutions and companies in order to turn the potential for market growth into real development. ItaliaFintech represents the reference point for institutions and regulator for a productive dialog on financial technologies. ItaliaFintech partners also with other companies and associations in Italy and abroad, in order to promote and develop a culture of innovation within financial services.


The advantages of Fintech

We believe that technology improves people’s financial life