Our partners


In ItaliaFintech we are focused on promoting Italian companies within the Fintech ecosystem. We also want to promote Italy and provide foreign Fintech companies with information and support on how to work in our country to bring a positive impact to Italy. For this reason we are actively creating a cooperative system of associations to share vision, experiences and best practices.

Our Legal Partner

Studio Legale Chiomenti
Studio legale Partner

Chiomenti Law Firm is partnering with ItaliaFintech, advising the association on regulation and policy drafting.

Our Partners

Asociación Española de Fintech e Insurtech

We established apartnership to promote and share experiences between Italian and Spanish companies.

Portugal Fintech
Portugal Fintech Empowering the fintech ecosystem

We cooperate to create synergies between Italian and Portuguese Fintech ecosystem.

Partner Istituzionale

We cooperate to foster Italian cultre of innovation. Throught our partnership we promote initiatives for making Fintech more accessible to people and organizations.

Italian Private Equity Venture Capital Association.

We cooperate to study and share informations on the private debt and venture capital sector, in particular on innovative business models impact.